Olix is a virtual agency, which means we have no employees.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ‘we’ at Olix.  We have brought in naming professionals, licensing brokers, sponsorship agents, data analytics experts, researchers (both qual and quant), PR teams, copywriters, information architects, film production companies and designers with many types of skill.  All built around what the client in question really needed.

If these people had been in a traditional agency, we’d be over 50 people…but then that would be the business model we think is broken.  I count each one of these people as colleagues and friends…they just run their own businesses.

There are three ways we work with clients:

Me and me alone

This is where I work as the sole resource.  I have a few clients that use me in this capacity, often as a part-time Head of Brand and often on an on-going basis. 

Customised Olix team

This is where the client needs more than I can offer, and so, while I still play a role, I’ll assemble the right team with some of the senior partners that I know and trust.


We’re selective about taking on work, and turn down more work than we accept. That’s because we need to be sure we can do it really well, and that we will enjoy it.  So, in talking to clients about their problems, if we feel we can’t help, we often steer them towards agencies or people that they hadn’t considered.