Olix Consulting was founded by Fred Burt in 2015. We help our clients create and manage their brands so their internal and external stakeholders – customers, employees, analysts, etc - understand them more thoroughly, and choose them more often. We like to call this brand-led growth.

It sounds simple when you put it like that, but it’s hugely varied and complex.  We are asked to help in the early stages where brands need setting up, or in more mature stages when they need repositioning, reorganising or refreshing.  The need may be creative or strategic.  Often we help clients who have a vague sense that their brand could be working harder for them, but don’t know how. 

In the last 18 months we’ve handled projects on:

  • Messaging, looking at complexities of aligning various lines of business, geographies and audiences to a singular brand proposition.

  • Brand architecture, looking at how to manage brand portfolios, especially in the context of M&A. Sometimes we create brands, but more often the task is to work out which to cull without destroying value.

  • Communications platforms in B2B tech, that go beyond the latest ‘widget’ sale and help unite advertising, PR, social, internal comms, HR comms and more, and in doing create longer lasting value and differentiation. We even did some digital and print ad executions, as it was just quicker, easier and cheaper for the client than using their agency.

  • Brand creation.  Naming, identity, photography, video, digital animation, social media, etc, along with tools and guidelines to help implement them.

  • Brand management systems, processes and ambassador programmes to help with embedding the brand in the business.

  • Brand writing and tone of voice.  Still massively under-appreciated, in our opinion.

  • Brand tracking.  Whether you use simple surveys or more sophisticated analytics, you need to track progress.

  • Brand activation planning.  Good strategy means nothing without good implementation, and this means proper cross-business thinking about how to live the brand, not just comms.

  • Trademark and licensing advice, in conjunction with our network of experts.  The often-overlooked legal side of brands.

That's not all we can do, of course.  Give us a call and tell us what you need.  And if we can't help, we probably know someone who can.