Lunching and learning

No profound thoughts in this post, but I’m feeling good about work at the moment so I thought I would write.  Today I had the pleasure of getting the current team working with me together for a session on one of our bigger clients.  They’re all amazing, and bring a mix of talents to the table…which is exactly what I hoped for when I set up Olix. 

A couple of things struck me.

Ideas need to stay open for as long as possible.  If you come into a working session closed-minded about an idea, you’ll spend your whole time defending it and not building it.  We started the day with some good thoughts and executions, and these morphed into something really exciting.  We had some debates, but they were never fights, everyone was listening, trying to find solutions.  The outcome was real progress.  Of course, you can only do this if dedicate real time to a client (but then that’s what we do here at Olix).

The value of lunch.  I made lunch for everyone.  Those of you who know me will know I like cooking, but this was an opportunity to stop, get around the table, talk together about the work, but also about other things.  It was a simple soup, salad and water affair, nothing fancy.   We all talked, listened, asked what we were all up to at Christmas, that sort of thing.  The corporate al desko lunch has taken these important moments of bonding out of our working days, and I think teams – so important for good work - are the weaker for it. 

So nourished intellectually and physically, I better get back to the work.  We’ve got an exciting presentation to build….